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Survival is the art of living well in nature with all our mental and physical abilities. It is the art of making a fire with two pieces of wood, building comfortable and waterproof shelters by hand, sharpening perception and senses, and feeding on wild plants. At the Survival Outdoor School (SOS), you can learn all of these skills at your own pace so you can be independent and free in the outdoors.  
The lessons of SOS are based on the knowledge of the indigenous people of different areas around the world. Through our 41 years of experience, our techniques are robust and field-tested. In the courses you will only learn what has really proven itself in years of survival practice.
We have taught survival skills to thousands of people of all ages and professions in a respectful and authentic setting. We are happy to provide you with tools that will enable you to practice the techniques you have learned in nature on your own and get closer to your original life.