10 Facts about SOS

  1. SOS has been in existence since 1983 and since then has become a byword for quality in the field of nature survival.

  2. Our target groups are as broad as possible, from young to old: mutual learning/getting to know different generations with each other.

  3. Number of participants is limited in order to leave minimal traces. Maximum number of participants: 12 persons, average number of participants: 6 participants

  4. We give advanced training courses to universities, police special forces and private people.

  5. We conduct survival training for the elite units of the Swiss military: Parachute Reconnaissance, Military Pilots, AAD10. 

  6. All our course locations are accessible by public transport

  7. We are a non-profit organization: all surpluses are directly invested in further education.

  8. Course sites are used with the utmost sustainability, and that is why we use different sites all over Switzerland throughout the year.

  9. Covering tracks: The "Minimum Impact Theme" is a core theme of SOS. When leaving, everything built is demolished. Covering traces is a basic attitude of the outdoor life: Every trace left behind influences subsequent forest visitors. It inspires for further traces and finally the wildness of a place is lost.

  10. We are a recognized school and accordingly exempt from VAT