SOS I: Survival Basic Training


4 days


Fr. 790.-/€ 790


Course management, cooking equipment

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Meals (approx. Fr. 50/€ 40), travel to and from the course location


Any age from 17 years. There are participants from 17 to 70 years!


approx. 8 - 10 participants


No prior knowledge required


  • DE Fri – Mon 29 March – 1 April 2024 Over
  • FR Thu – Sun 27 – 30 June 2024 Sign up
  • DE Thu – Sun 26 – 29 September 2024 Sign up


During this week all things are taught on a material and spiritual level, which one needs to be able to live 2-3 weeks in nature without artificial aids. This course is the basis for all courses of the SOS including winter courses. In this course we will not do long hikes, but use the time intensively to learn as much as possible in a few days: the participants can stay overnight in tents/flats they brought with them, we feed ourselves from food they brought with them. The whole field of knowledge is huge and we don't expect you to master everything right from the start. Today's man, as well as the man living in the Stone Age, needs a whole lifetime for that. Everyone can experience everything learned later at his own pace, with his own limits.

  • we will build a shelter that is waterproof and warm without tent & sleeping bag.
  • we will learn about plant food that can feed us enough for a foreseeable time. This includes salad and vegetable plants, spice making, tea and incense plants.
  • we will find out where water can be found, recognize if it is drinkable and can be purified.
  • how to start a fire without artificial means; 100 applications around fire.
  • how to read tracks, interpretations and consequences of prints. Techniques of smudging traces.
  • about 1/5 of the time we will train our perceptive skills, and awaken the human instinct for extended attention.
  • we will learn how stone age survival skills can be successfully applied in the civilized world.


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