SOS Edible Plants in Winter


2 days


Fr. 440.-/€ 440


approx. 3 - 8 participants


no other SOS courses are required
- this is a 2 day course in the vicinity of the city of Zurich and Frauenfeld
- Course duration Sat & Sun from morning to evening 09.00 to 17.30


  • DE Sat – Sun 21 – 22 January 2023 Over


Especially in winter it is important to know the edible wild plants. Wild plant food is scarce, and at this time of year minerals, vitamins, fat and carbohydrates are especially important. Identifying wild plants in winter is more challenging than in other seasons. This weekend we will tackle these challenges.
In addition, wild plants for other survival uses such as fire drilling, shingle making, etc will be taught in addition.