SOS Igloo I


5 days


Fr. 960-/€ 960


Course management, cooking equipment

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Meals (approx. Fr. 50/€ 40), travel to and from the course location


approx. 3 - 8 participants


selectable with snowshoes or touring skis


  • DE/EN Mon – Fri 6 – 10 February 2023 Over


Life in the snow/winter hiking

"The problem with us humans is that we left our warming fur behind at some point in the past, and now when we try to ruffle our feathers, we produce nothing but goose bumps."

Role models for us are not only our Stone Age ancestors, but also Inuits, who lived life in the snow with the greatest perfection. The only people today who still live close to the winter in the wilderness are the Inuits. Their knowledge, survival and living techniques will be our model.

The focus of this course will be the igloo, a dome structure, which we will build according to tradition! Inside we will be warm, the dome will protect us from storms, it will let the light from outside stream in during the day, at night it will reflect the light of a candle in a circle. Once you master the technique of building igloos, all other snow shelters are easy to build.

These shelters give us a comfortable high camp from which we can make explorations to places that are otherwise difficult to visit in winter. Other skills you will learn in this course are cold weather physiology, frostbite prevention, cooking, snow physics, avalanche awareness, telemark skiing, snowshoeing. Winter challenges are many: eating right, staying warm, sleeping well, hiking safely are just a few. Join our winter course and you'll get the expertise to enjoy yourself in the wilderness through all four seasons.

No previous winter camping or snowshoeing or ski touring experience is required, but you should be physically prepared and inwardly ready for a challenging winter expedition. After a week in the mountains in winter you will return as a "snow person", a more conscious winter walker and a better skier.