SOS II: Advanced Survival Class


5 days

Course fees

Fr. 820.-/€ 683


Course management, cooking equipment

Not included

Meals (approx. Fr. 50/€ 40), travel to and from the course location

Group size

approx. 3 - 8 participants


SOS I: Survival Basic Training


  • DE Wed – Sun 25 – 29 May 2022 Over
  • FR Wed – Sun 13 – 17 July 2022 Sign up


Logical continuation of the basic course. In order to take as much as possible from this course, the inner attitude to life in and with nature is crucial. It is above all a practical course, a deepening of the topics and helps to master the skills from course I. The goal is not to find the personal limit, but to experience in individual care the best conditions to be able to live outside for a limited time without artificial aids. About 50% of the SOS I course participants attend this course.