SOS Plants and Survival - 1 year class


Annual training: 1 weekend per quarter, plus monthly online work.


Fr 2900,-/€ 2900


Annual training: 1 weekend per quarter, plus monthly online work.

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Meals, travel to and from the course location (easily accessible by public transportation)


approx. 3 - 10 participants


SOS I: Survival Basic Training


  • DE/EN/FR Sun – Sun 1 January – 31 December 2023 Sign up


Structure of this annual training

The 4 meetings per season each Sat/Sun:

SOS Survival Plants Part I: Winter - January 21. & 22. 2023

SOS Survival Plants Part II: Spring - May 6. & 7. 2023

SOS Survival Plants Part III: Summer - August 5 .& 6. 2023

SOS Survival Plants Part IV: Fall - November 18. & 19. 2023


Plants are an integral part of survival. They shape our environment, are unparalleled by their existence and in their diversity. Fresh or prepared, they provide food and are used in medicine. Dead, they provide energy, insulation material, raw materials for crafts. They are an expressive mood carrier by influencing and determining our soul and momentary mood. The plant world opens our senses and inspires us to live outside. From these thoughts the idea of a yearly training was born. During 4 seasons we will encounter a selection of plants and look at them from the perspective of applications listed below:

Food (edible, incompatible and poisonous plants)
Medicine (medicinal plants)
Extraction of substances (chemical substances for outdoor use)
Lodging (plants and plant parts)
Handicrafts (fiber extraction for clothing or string production, woodworking, baskets, glue extraction, etc.)
Fire making and fire maintenance (different properties of wood species)
Water search (plants as water pointers)
Tracking (which plants are eaten by which animals > fecal analysis, bite marks, etc)
Meterology (plants can give information about local climate)
Soul care (effect of plants on our senses through their appearance, scent and presence)
Plant knowledge is the key discipline in survival. The more intensively we deepen our knowledge of these silent companions of life that are not always so obvious to us, the more cultivated we can be in our daily lives outside.

Topics from this training:

365 edible wild plants to get to know > of it the most important plants deepened
365 survival plants with their applications
Medicinal plants > of which the most important plants in depth
Cooking and preservation methods
Plant observations over all 4 seasons
electronic monthly expansions of wild plants according to the seasons
everyone has his own plant database at the end and can expand it after the training according to interest and discretion with other plants and experiences