SOS Survival Introductory Day


1 day


Fr. 260.-/€ 260


average group size: 4




  • DE/EN Sat 26 November 2022 Over
  • DE/EN Sat 17 December 2022 Over
  • DE/EN/FR Mon 2 January 2023 Over
  • DE/EN/FR Sat 4 March 2023 Over
  • DE/EN/FR Sat 25 November 2023 Sign up
  • DE/EN/FR Sat 16 December 2023 Sign up


Can today's civilized man still live outside only with what he finds outside? Can we tolerate the mental and physical strain of living outside?

This day is an introduction to nature survival. We will learn about the most important issues on "material" and "non-material" level.

Our 39 years of active experience will be fundamental here.

Depending on the weather we will have a short hike or be on the spot.
After registration and transfer of the course fee the detailed program will be sent.