SOS Wilderness Medicine


3 days


Fr. 790.- / € 790


Course management, cooking equipment

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Meals (approx. Fr. 50/€ 40), travel to and from the course location


For all who are interested in the topic of outdoor medicine, who want to broaden their experience. For outdoor leaders, for medically experienced as well as for inexperienced but interested people


approx. 3 - 8 participants


SOS I: Survival Basic Training



The subject of medicine (prophylaxis, hygiene, accidents, examination methods, treatment) poses completely different challenges in outdoor life than in civilization. The difference is physiological and psychological. Outdoors we have a different infrastructure, a different environment and often a completely different mix of people. 
And there are different levels of being outdoors, so the wilderness medicine technique has to be adapted accordingly:

  • a day, a weekend, a month or longer
  • in the Swiss midlands or mountains
  • in western world or non western world

This and much more influences the wilderness medicine.

In the short time of 3 days we will never be able to teach everything. However, we will build a sensitivity to the topic of wilderness medicine that can help anyone with different levels of experience prepare for medical situations outside.

Focus topics will be:

Case studies

  • Most common injuries and their treatment
  • outdoor pharmacy
  • Accidents and psychology
  • Leadership and communication
  • Accident prophylaxis
  • Hygiene
  • Poisoning
  • The course takes place outside. First we set up for a learning atmosphere. Then the individual learning blocks follow, which we put into practice theoretically and practically.


The instructors:

Martin Scotoni: Dr. med. FMH general medicine, family practice for 20 years. Before having children, he was outdoors a lot, did mountain medicine training, and is now getting back outdoors more. For medical matters Martin (and Monika his wife, also Dr. med FMH), is our support. Accordingly, we maintain an intensive exchange.

Christof Hagen: Has been teaching in the wilderness for 40 years (summer and winter) and accordingly has practical experience with a wide variety of medical situations. As a flight instructor he teaches aviation medicine (physiology and psychology), teaching and learning, crew resource management.

Reading list

NOLS Wilderness First Aid (National Outdoor Leadership School)

By Schimelpfenig, Tod