The most frequently asked questions and answers about the SOS I basic training

Prerequisite to pass this week is the inner attitude and less the previous experience or the physical constitution

1. is the course a borderline experience?

In our trainings, borderline experiences are not sought. 

For the natural person, the borderline experience is not desirable and is only brought out in extraordinary situations. 

The goal of our trainings are no borderline experiences.


2. how big are the groups?

On average 7 participants (minimum 4, maximum 12).

In the follow-up courses there are on average 5 participants.


3. what is the target group?

The minimum age is 17 years. (For younger participants there are courses for children and teenagers).

There are participants from 17 to 70 years.

The percentage of men and women is variable, on average 60/40%. 


4. what should be the physical constitution?

What is important is the inner attitude to outdoor life, each according to his physical constitution.


5. what is the daily rhythm?

We have different lessons spread throughout the day. Morning and evening meals we cook together and snacks in between are individual.


6. where do we sleep?

Everyone in their own tent or under a tarp.


7. are we on the road a lot and for a long time?

We want to use the precious training time intensively, both theoretically and practically. Accordingly, we use the time more for training and less for long hikes.


8. does one need previous experience?

Definitely no, you can take home the most with an open mind to learning.


9. what kind of clothes do I need?

The idea is not that you have to buy outdoor clothes for this training. Important are clothes that can be strained (e.g. by sparks from the fire) and can be worn in layers.

A detailed equipment list with the detailed program follows.


10. where are the course locations?

All course areas are in Switzerland and accessible by public transport.