"My body is naked. I lie there and am a root in the shade of a big tree. My body is branched, furrowed, drawn, just like a root. The last rays of the sun cast great shadows. I am firmly anchored to the earth, giving support to the tree with every storm and trying to anchor myself still better in the earth. There, suddenly, very close to me, a deer moves through the thicket. It runs straight toward me. I feel its breath, its warmth, smell the typical scent of a buck. The animal is so close that I could easily touch it."

Survival is an art, like artistic gymnastics, painting, writing poetry. Building a fire with two pieces of wood, touching wild animals, building waterproof, warm and comfortable shelters by hand from surrounding building materials, etc. are skills that until recently everyone had to master. The better he was able to meet these requirements, the more comfortable he could live. The attraction of this art is certainly the direct sense of achievement, the ever-increasing independence. With every new skill learned, one acquires a skill that can be used in a variety of ways later on and that will be of great use to us all along our further journey, whether it is to penetrate further into nature, or for our life in modern civilization, which will touch us again and again in various places. For example, in architecture we have been shown completely different perspectives of building, and we can understand the enormous importance of building adapted to nature and the climate through many good and bad examples. Or, when we eat meat, we know what it means not only to buy and eat an animal, but to catch, kill and fully utilize it ourselves.

The SOS courses can become for you the beginning of a long practicing, trying and learning.

Many people have lost the roots of their being. During millions of years our ancestors lived in direct contact with nature. And even a hundred years ago, man spent most of his time outside the house. He was much more dependent on nature then than he is today. It was an employer, a provider, a friend, but also an enemy. Today, man spends most of his time from birth, during his education, at work, and most nights indoors. He has thus lost the feeling to the outside world.

To counteract this isolation, more and more people spend their free time outside. And the current "back to nature" is getting stronger and stronger. But how can we go back to nature if we no longer have any idea what laws apply there? Man cannot survive naked in nature unless he uses his intelligence, tools and other aids.

Which tools and aids should today's modern man use? It would be ideal if we would learn the technology of our ancestors and move in this way in the nature. Only, for it the man at that time needed a life long...

Today's technology in the field of equipment makes it possible for us to live in nature despite our lack of experience. But this makes us dependent on industry, economy, money.

Therefore, our goal is to live very close to nature, with appropriate equipment, which we gradually get rid of and replace with what nature offers us (Naturtech). Not only the material but also the spiritual level should be strongly considered.