If you would like to learn more about the SOS, you can find various reports, newspaper articles and video clips about us under Media. So you get an impression how we are perceived from the outside. We have also participated in several documentaries (e.g. the secret of our forest). You can also find the film clips under media.

Over the years we have compiled a well-founded collection of literature on the subject of survival. Here you will find information on various topics, such as edible wild plants, tracking, outdoor medicine, life in the snow, handicraft techniques, various survival stories and much more. We hope that the literature will inspire you for more.

We are in constant exchange with other survival schools, which is why we are happy to refer to you under the links. Since we spend a large part of the year outdoors, we are often involved in testing outdoor equipment and work closely with various outdoor companies. It gives us great pleasure to test and develop materials and products. You can also find our most important partners under the links.

SOS has developed a knife for the wilderness over several years. In the meantime there are different sizes available. We have also developed a survival pocket knife together with Victorinox. Information about the different knives can be found here.