SOS Survival Workshop for Pilots


2 days


Fr. 680.- / € 680


Course management, cooking equipment

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Meals (approx. Fr. 50/€ 40), travel to and from the course location


minimum age 17


approx. 3 - 8 participants


No prior knowledge necessary.


Crashed with the plane, and lucky. I survived the crash! Suddenly I was catapulted into a completely new situation. Up to this moment, I have had intensive flying training; I have learned to react competently, flexibly and quickly to any new situation. How will I be able to master this new situation? Do I have a checklist for this? Confidently, the passengers/student pilot boarded the aircraft. Can I react professionally to this completely unexpected, new situation?

As a pilot, you are often amazed at how perfectly birds can fly. They fly in extreme weather situations, at any time of day. Many birds perform their first journey away from the nest not on their legs, but with their wings! This is not all: birds are not only able to fly, they are also able to live, to survive in extraordinarily difficult terrain!

The goal of this course is to get us to react competently in a survival situation exactly as we are used to doing when flying, and similarly to our role models the birds, to survive and live.


Course Content:
Flight preparation

  • Survival knowledge acquisition, training, (among others this survival workshop)
  • Appropriate equipment (clothing and objects)

Survival techniques after the crash

  • Panic fighting, group dynamics
  • First/Last Aid
  • Priorities (shelter, water, fire, food)
  • Signals

Methodology in this course:

  • Structured training with approximately 50%theory blocks and 50%practical training.
  • All survival techniques are practically executed
  • The course takes place in a realistic area
  • Techniques with or without snow
  • This professional survival course requires full concentration and 100% ambition from the participants

Course Instructor:
The course instructor has intensive experience in the art of survival, as well as in flying:

  • Survival training with the Parachute Grenadiers and later expert with the Long Range Scouts, AAD10 and Militia Pilots.
  • Stay in different survival schools in Europe/USA (Survival Aids, GB; International Wilderness Training IWT, Lapland; National Outdoor School NOLS, USA; Earth Skills Los Angeles, USA; The Tracker Tom Brown USA; Prarie Wolf, John and Geri McPherson)
  • Since 1974 active Delta pilot, parachutist, paraglider pilot, CH professional and instrument license, LP; US flight instructor license Multi/Instrument
  • Since 1983 own "SOS (Survival-Outdoor-School)" in Switzerland (former Stone Age Survival School)
  • Theory Instructor at Horizon, Swiss Flight Academy (PPL, CPL, Distant Learning Tutor)
  • Theory Instructor at Flugschule Eichenberger AG


Picture to the training

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